2600 Meadowbrook Drive, Blacksburg

2600 Meadowbrook Drive, Blacksburg

2600 Meadowbrook Drive, Blacksburg

2600, Meadowbrook Drive, Karr Heights, Kanodes Mill, Blacksburg, Montgomery County, Virginia, 24060, United States of America

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Tired of city life? Escape to this 23.35 acre parcel in the town limits of Blacksburg. Two home structures, one is a beautiful brick ranch with two living spaces. First floor includes several rooms: living, dining, den, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two full and one half bathroom. The lower level has an in-law suite with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom! Could be used as an apartment since it has a separate entrance. Lots of storage throughout the home with a 2-car garage. So much potential to be had on this unique property! Very quiet and serene homestead with roaming pastures and views of the mountains. Lots of parking with roundabout. The second structure has two bedrooms with lots of potential as a farmhand home or guest rental. Has a wrap-around porch and surrounded by woods for privacy. There is room for gardening, horse or cattle pastures, or your ATV toys! Spring fed pond. Borders bicycling trails (Gateway Trail) and Blacksburg Rotary Mountain Biking Skills Park.

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